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Greenway Cambodia


Tourism Development


The province of Kratie has all the foundations necessary to attract tourists to the region. This project allows you to work along side the tourist board, to assist them in a very clear and precise aim; to attract more tourists! This will not only allow the tourists themselves to experience the majestic, relatively- untouched province, but also to increase the areas economic development, which goes hand-in hand with a sustainable future for one of the world poorest countries

What’s involved

This specially created project gives participants various options to assist the tourism community in its required growth.

The tourist office is Kratie can currently at best be described as a dilapidated building. First and foremost, renovation of this building it’s a necessary pre-requisite. Therefore volunteers are encouraged to assist in basic tasks, such as painting, decorating and various and improvements of the building.

Another lack-lustre aspect is the ability of the office’s employees to speak English. Volunteers with anything equal to or beyond a basic level of conversational English would be all that is required to teach these employees.

kratieMedia promotion of the province is a project we are fortunate enough to be involved in. A creation of a website, facebook page and other media related forms of promotion are required to boost tourism in the community. This project in particular would be a firm base and invaluable experience for anyone seeking a career in the tourism industry.

Our partners at the tourism office also work alongside the CRDT (Cambodian Rural Development Team). Within Kratie, their main objective is maintaining the cleanliness of the town and the 140km long Mekong river. This is great way to experience the town’s natural resources and improve the living conditions of local inhabitants,

Planning and have a set itinerary is often less common in Cambodia then the Western world and elsewhere. We encourage our participants to lend their hands to all available projects during their stay. Despite this, if you feel you would best contribute to only one particular project, or would like a set routine of projects, this can be easily arranged.