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Greenway Cambodia


Teaching Project

IMG_0168Of all the countries where Greenway works, and the very many worthy projects we are involved in, bringing education to Cambodian children is one project which stands out as in need of most support.

The end result of decades of educational neglect, the persecution of anyone educated, especially teachers and the suppression of books, is very plain to see. The literacy rate (which is those over 15 who can read and write) is only 77%, with females particularly effected with only 70% literacy. Major western nations achieve literacy of 99% and many neighboring countries to Cambodia have rates 90% plus. So, there is a lot of work to be done, and whilst experienced teachers can be of great assistance, the inexperienced volunteer can also have an important role to play. If you are looking for a demanding challenge where you can make a significant difference, this could very well be for you, and we have two alternatives, the choice depending upon experience.

  • The Greenway School

IMG_0172-2This is a free school available to those students who could not otherwise afford education. Our objective is to have a relaxed and friendly learning environment which means we aim to minimize bureaucracy and encourage creativity.

If you have never taught before, do not worry, we ensure you have all the tools and support you need to teach children using creative methods of fun and games. In fact some of the teachers have as much fun, and we suspect sometimes more fun, than the children.

Teaching here is often 3 to 4 hours per day combined with construction work, exercising your body and your brain.

  • Samraong Local school

IMG_0395This is the second option and falls under the jurisdiction of the local government. There is less creativity with the lessons than at the Greenway school, as we have to follow the set curriculum, but as Ya himself was a former teacher here, we are afforded a relative amount of scope. This school is really better suited to experienced or advanced teachers, also teaching here tends to be for longer periods of up to 6 hours per day.

Aims and Objectives

For this particular program, the aims and objectives fall under the jurisdiction of the Cambodia government.  In recent years, the government has placed a continued emphasis on the teaching of the English language. Basic English classes have been extended into Kindergarten tiers of schooling.

schoolDespite this English literacy rates in Cambodia remain one of the lowest in Asia. Spoken English in particular is much lower in Thailand than countries such as India, The Philippines and Myanmar. 


When confirming your dates please take note of the long holidays (mid-March till mid-May and October) and the following Public Holidays which schools may take advantage of, this is in their discretion. During such times, with the option to join special classes and English camps that are regularly requested by the local community.