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Greenway Cambodia


Orphanage Care

Project Description

orphanage_2__1Caring for orphaned children in Cambodia can be one of the most rewarding, enthralling and valuable experiences achievable in a lifetime.  It’s estimated that up to 12% of children in rural areas of Cambodia will come into contact with orphanage care at some point in their lives.

According to figures of the UNDP, Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in South-East Asia. Over 75% of the Cambodian population lives on less than 2 USD per day, with the figures for the countryside dramatically higher. Basic infrastructure is lacking and education levels are generally low. However, despite these problems young Cambodians are very dynamic and eager to engage themselves!

Despite their lack of basic education and infrastructure, the children of rural Cambodia never cease to amaze when it comes to warmth, friendliness and affection they show to foreign visitors.

Orphanage...Greenway has played a crucial role in the development of children in the North Area of Cambodia, known as Oddar Meanchey. Since partnering with them in 2008, we have seen huge success with advances in literacy rates and hygiene of the children.

The input played by volunteers is vital to this continued improvement. Our dedicated staff ensure that volunteers are free to choose their input levels at the project. The main roles which are played by volunteers are; teaching of basic English language, teaching of heath and sanitation to children up to 15 years old.  For this, volunteers are encouraged to be creative where possible. This can often be in the form of games, sports, acting dancing and singing. This is always well received by the children, with a smile from ear to ear. However, don’t expect this learning to be one-way, expect the children to teach you a thing or two!

orp01We also provide renovation and construction work to the orphanage.  This is in the form of new classrooms and toilets for the community to use.  A simplistic concept, like a new building, can drastically improve the lives of the people of Samrong.  Volunteering in construction and renovation can be equally as important contribution as teaching. We encourage our volunteers to try both if possible.

The orphanage has 2 vacations in an academic year. The First vacation is called a small vacation, lasts 2 weeks, from 6th – 20th April every year. This is the time for Khmer New Year. The Second vacation, the big vacation, lasts 2 months for primary schools from August 1st to September 30th.

Children are still around during this time but to give the children a break from their studies, teaching is much more informal and games are focussed on instead, along with any renovation work that is required.

orp02This week serves as a great way to experience the local life and give back to the community by assisting the local school children in the English classes.

Aims and Objectives

The orphanage as an institution offers a safe and secure environment for children from underdeveloped backgrounds. Many of the children here have experienced emotional trauma’s at some point during their lives. Therefore, the orphanage concentrates on the psychological well-being of these children and offering them assistance in developing into young adults.

Other children come from remote areas of Cambodia, where education is non-existent. These children are at the orphanage predominately for educational purposes, and will return home during certain periods of the year.