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Greenway Cambodia


Medical Outreach Project

washIn cooperation with the provincial public health department, Greenway will work in several local schools to assist the development of health education. For participants with the appropriate level of professional medical training.. This program is designed for highly motivated individuals with medical backgrounds.  The role you play in the program will depend highly on your level of experience, and the professional judgment of the local doctors and program directors

Project Description

This project will consist of teaching in local schools, medical related topics. This is done within the framework of a basic classroom. We advise participants to prepare work before arrival. Topics such as;

  • OutreachSanitation
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Bodily Health
  • Care for the elderly
  • You will be working with basic resources, such as blackboards and whiteboards. We encourage participants to be as creative as possible.

Aims and Objectives

The objective at this project is the transfer of knowledge in relation to improving the health of young Cambodian children.