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Greenway Cambodia


Hospital Placement

IMG_0210Give back to the local rural community and gain valuable experience volunteering in a variety of tasks at the Samraong hospital.  For those with medical backgrounds, assist medical staff with your knowledge, and assist with patient care.

Project Description

A variety of options are availabe for participants on this medical placement. Depending on your skill level and experience, we will find the correct role for you, in which to fully optimise your abilities and allow you to contribute to the hospital. 

We have are abe to offer daily roles as nurses and doctors to participants. You will begin by observing and monitoring hospital practices. After this you will progress to a more "hands on" role at the hospital. 

IMG_0267The hospital director and many of the staff have a decent level of English. Participants will also be accompanied with our coordinator, who will ease the process of cultural exchange on both sides. 

Volunteering and intercultural travel share a common trait: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. This program is designed for proactive individuals and groups that are prepared to adapt to the local environment and current needs.  Naturally, the scheduling and activities of our program are subject to change. Alterations in activities are mainly due to changes in local conditions, which we believe is part of what makes overseas programs the interesting adventure and incredible learning experience that it is.

This specific program is designed to give participants the maximum level of interaction in the hospital. In accordance with Cambodian law, this will always be under the supervision of a doctor. 

The hospital is equiped with the following:

hopital11-Name: Referral Hospital of Oddar Meanchey

2-There are 84 beds

3-Staff:  6 doctors, 20 nurses, 2 mid-wives

4-There is a maternity ward

5-This hospital is known as level 2 hospital. We call (CPA 2) means Completed Package Activity 2. Some diseases they can't treat here so they need to transfer to other hospitals that are on level 3.  

6-Only emergency operations happen here, such as appendectomy and Cesarean Section.

7-There are some kinds of diseases / cases that the patients need to be transferred to some other hospitals. Cancer, diabetes, meningitis, and serious traffic accidents.

 Aims and Objectives

The hospital aims to offer affordable health treatment to the inhabitants of the town on Samrong. The hospital has recently introduced a free HIV testing facility. Consequently they are inundated with patients, not helped by being under-staffed.

At this project, participants will be able to transfer their pre-existing knowledge. Furthermore they will be able to absorb knew knowledge and information from the medical staff and the hospital.