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Greenway Cambodia




I volunteered for one month on the Cambodian Community Health Project. As a newly registered Australian nurse I decided it would be a good opportunity and incredible experience to see a different aspect of health care before I starting my practise in Australia.

My overall experience at the hospital was eye opening and I learned so much more then I felt I could give back.

I would like to mention that one month working on the Cambodia Community Health Project wasn’t even nearly enough time. When it was time to leave, it really felt like I had only just begun my work.

I hope to return in the future to be able to give back to the Samraong community for all they have taught me. Overall it was as a challenging, rewarding, eye-opening and one of the most amazing learning experiences of my life. I would like to thank all my friends and family who supported me in my pre departure preparation and making my placement experience possible. Thank you to, Mr Ya and Mrs Net for opening up their home to me and so many others. Big thanks to Mr Ear for being an amazing project coordinator and all the Samraong Hospital staff and other volunteers for supporting me in my volunteer experience.