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Greenway Cambodia


Koh Sdach Marine Conservation


Project Description

This project is based on the small island of Koh Sdach, commonly referred to as “The Kings Island”. It has a population of around 2,000 people. Although mostly Cambodian, it’s possible to find both Thai and Vietnamese inhabitants on the island, giving it a distinct flavour. 

Located just a twenty minute boat-ride off the Cambodian coast, Koh Sdach is dominated by a vibrant,  bustling and sizable fishing village that stretches along the side of the island that faces the mainland.
The island is able to boast excellent coral reefs and marine activity.  One must simply gaze in amazement at the Footpaths which meander between coconut palms and banana plantations and on the far side of the island the hill that overlooks the town. The beaches are sandy and deserted, backed by lush, flowering vegetation, and trees laden with colourful tropical fruits.
ko_sdach_10There is one main road on Koh Sdach running parallel with the coastline, houses doubling as shops line both sides of the street and the central market is always full of people buying and selling everything from donuts to green tomatoes, watermelons and duck eggs to the occasional wild boar.
As yet virtually "undiscovered", you’ll find barely a mention in most guidebooks. It is also little known by Cambodians, so those who arrive here receive a genuine welcome.
This specialised project allows you to experience genuine Cambodian life and culture, well away from the tourist trail, living alongside enthusiastic, passionate and experienced staff and volunteers. This is a unique opportunity for those who want to learn more about oceans, experience first hand conservation work in a developing country and work with a developing yet captivating local community towards an effective and sustainable future. 
During the four-week program, participants will :
  • ko_sdach_8get the chance to become a fully qualified diver
  • complete and emergency first-aid response course
  • gain first-hand experience in coral reef surveying
  • gain experience and educated in marine conservation and ecology
  • In addition to this, participants will get involved with local educational community projects working towards a sustainable future for the island.
Being an unfamiliar country, it’s natural for participants to be cautious and concerned about entering themselves into a different culture. Therefore we arrange complete transportation from the airport. Upon arrival, a meet and greet will be arranged allowing you to fully, settle in to your accommodation and get to know the other volunteers. You will also receive a “basic survival lesson” regarding the islands customs, cultures and languages.

Aims and Objectives 

 The aims of this project is focused upon the longevity of the eco-system of Ko Sdach. Through educational and physical input from volunteers, the project hopes to alter the perceptions of local inhabitants regarding their treatment of natural resources.