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Greenway Cambodia


Cambodia Road Trip


This road trip focuses on social and medical programs with some close work being done in partnership with local families. You can help at a hospital or assist at an orphanage. As part of this program you will visit many famous Cambodian temples including the Angkor Wat temple (the largest Khmer temple complex in the entire world). You can explore the Anlong Veng District with its stunning mountain views, and learn about Cambodia’s history and the dark days when the Pol Pot regime governed Cambodia. See the opulent home of Ta Mok and the killing fields of Cheung Ek.

Visit a silk farm, some luscious rural rice paddies, the exquisite Royal Palace and the gorgeous beaches of Sihanoukville and how about taking a boat trip to see some floating villages? Enjoy an overnight stay at a temple where your understanding of Buddhism could be deepened by talks with the monks who live there. This is not to mention the city tours, market trips, snorkelling, fishing, trekking adventures and visits to the Ream National Park and the National Museum of Cultural and Archaeological History!
All of this in just 30 days: an amazing adventure which will give you fun-filled memories that will last a life time!

(2 weeks)-Oddar Meanchey

cookingAfter arriving in Oddar Meanchey you will spend the first couple of days settling in and adjusting to your new environment with the help of our friendly project coordinators, who will help you to explore this stunning city and its’ bustling market. You will have cultural, language and hands on cooking lessons which can help you to feel as though you are truly a part of the community. With time to unwind in the company of rural Cambodian villagers and through getting the chance to absorb the day to day life (at its own relaxed pace) you will feel at home in no time. On to Anlong-Veng, a province with beautiful mountain views, where key party figures from the Pol Pot regime had houses. You will visit Pol Pot’s final resting place and the lavish home of Ta Mok – a senior figure in the leadership of the Khmer Rouge – with its impressive pillars and neighbouring lake.

With an overnight stay in a holy temple and in-depth dialogues on Buddhism delivered by the monks, you will get to not only observe but also join in with the daily routine at the temple through activities such as chanting. You will also take an early morning barefoot walk through the villages, accompanying the monks.

Second Leg:

Village Experience

IMG_0552Get stuck in to one of our rewarding local volunteer projects, either social or farming based depending on the season. During rainy season volunteers can try ploughing, rice planting, dam building, grass cutting in the rice fields, rice sowing and harvesting.

You will soon realise that you have nurtured a close bond and are a welcomed member of one particular family as you share meals with and assist them will their daily routine. You could help them to make chicken/duck huts, build fences, construct toilets, plant trees or repair damaged areas of their home and bathing spaces.

What could be a more rewarding way to know and understand a culture, than to live as a part of it?

(1 week)-Central Cambodian Tour

volunteer_at_angkorThen on to explore some inspiring temples including the Bayon Temple; the Taprom Temple, adorned with trees and once a library for the ancients; the Angkor Watt (the largest Khmer temple complex in the entire world) and the Wat Thymey Temple infamous for its fashioning from human skulls as instigated by Pol Pot under his Communist guerrilla regime.

There will be a visit to a scarf-making silk farm then a relaxing boat trip on which you shall see some incredible floating villages. After this you will visit the Cheung Ek Killing Fields notorious for its display of human skulls. Then on to visit the exquisite Royal Palace and the National Museum: Cambodia’s largest museum of cultural history and the country’s leading historical and archaeological museum. All of this is topped off by a trip to the beautiful beach of Shianouk Ville.

(1 week)-Beach Week

ko_sdach_2Soak up the golden rays of sunshine as you unwind, reflect upon and contemplate your experiences of the last three weeks. Relax, read, swim in the sparkling ocean, and try snorkelling and some good old fashioned fishing.

Take pleasure in some sight-seeing of the surrounding islands as part of a boat trip with an outing to the Ream National Park and then it’s off on a trekking advent