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Greenway Cambodia


Who We Are?

IMG_0319Since our establishment in 2008, Greenway Cambodia has strived to improve the lives of many Cambodian’s, young and old, with the assistance of willing volunteers from the 4 corners of the globe.

Our work during this time has been led by Nuth Ya, the chief coordinator, and his dedicated team, and extends into many fields Р environmental protection, marine conservation, caring for orphans Рto name but a few.

Before we move onto to consider in depth “What we do”, let’s say that Nuth Ya’s work is not only “on the ground.”

In order to ensure that we are working in areas of the most need, he continually monitors that our efforts are making a difference. To do this we work closely with the Cambodian Government and many other organisations.

IMG_0395Greenway Cambodia is part of the Green Lion Group, an acknowledged trendsetter in volunteer work, one of the first in Asia to develop exciting and environmentally meaningful programs for travelers seeking something a little different.

From small beginnings in Thailand, Greenway success is shown today with a ¬†presence in 8 further Asian countries, an expansion which is a direct result of many happy clients. These clients not only return time and time again but also recommend us to their friends, and some who even become “hooked” and stay on and help us long term.

The end result of backing from the Green Lion Group, combined with our knowledge of local cultures and customs, is that Greenway Cambodia has an unrivalled  depth of experience, gathered over the years, in volunteer and environmental work.

This enables us to continue to offer reliable, affordable and also increasingly attractive projects, that have a long term positive impact on both the inhabitants and environment of this beautiful Kingdom.